Friday, April 10, 2009

Can't forget diz

We're wearing our prefs' 'baju batik' nice rite??...When I was in f5,,I had been selectd 2 be a headgirl...I had 2 guide my frenz n also my juniors..hmm I duno whether I had done a gud job or depends on others 2 judge it...but,,i was very happy doing my job although i knew i had 2 be responsible at anythng...Giey was my roommate n also 'naib k/pljr 2'...n fynaz was 's/usaha kehormat 2'....we could cooperate each other...The time i am writing diz,,,actually i miss both of them...hopefully,,we'll meet again. Yesterday,i asked iliey 2 go to giey's house n she said ok..but another day...hmmm thnx iliey..ok,,back 2 da topic,,As long as i was a headgirl,,giey n me had kept a secret,,it was a case happned 2 my junior...when i heard dat news,,i was astonished...n i didn't want 2 believe it...but,it was really happend 2 dat girl..pity her...if there is any junior or my fren reads diz...i hope all of u could take care of yourself...lastly,,thnx gurlz 4 ur cooperation n always support me...i wish all of us would have better life!!!remember..Allah always with us...just pray 2 get His blessing...Amin

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